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Joe Stegman & Grace Aube | Staff Writers Love, hope, and fight against childhood cancer. On Monday, Sept. 25,  Mason Middle School teachers wore white shirts that read “#MayaStrong LOVE HOPE FIGHT” in honor of 14 year old Maya Collins, who is fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a rare type of cancer. The Mason City Council … Continue reading

Edition 2.4

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Edition 2.3

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Lowe’s partners with students on fencing project

Rilee Malloy | Staff Writer A fence is not the only thing they are building. The students with special needs are partnering with Lowe’s and eighth grade art teacher John Benham’s classes to make the courtyard a more beautiful place for students to learn and grow. Lowe’s also came in to help with this project. … Continue reading

YouTube “24-Hour Challenge” wreaks havoc among local retailers

Elise Haller | Staff Writer Nora Touassi | Staff Writer Playing video games, watching Netflix, sleeping. This is how most students spend their days off school. But some are spending their days in stores–not shopping, not looking for candy, but hiding in order to stay overnight. The 24-hour YouTube challenge is when people will go … Continue reading

Students elect to use Personal Learning Days as day off

Kennedy Radar | Staff Writer Peyton Wagner | Staff Writer Passion Projects are an opportunity for students to explore learning with more choice and voice. This year, Mason City Schools is giving kids two extra days off, called Personal Learning days, to get work done on their Passion Projects. Passion Projects are aimed at getting … Continue reading

Comet Conversations provide students with opportunity to be heard when dealing with stressful situations

Erika Eller | Staff Writer Comet Conversations, a program for those who just need to talk, is now at the middle school. Comet Conversations is a program  in which teachers can place a logo outside of their door, meaning that they are open at all times for students who may need someone to listen. Mason … Continue reading

Students offer assitance in Innovation Lab

Faham Tak | Staff Writer Innovation isn’t always easy. Activating links, locating work in Google Drive and uploading files to Schoology. These are common tasks that many students struggle with. School feels impossible to students who struggle to adapt to new and everchanging technology. For them, it is easy to fall behind in class which … Continue reading

Edition 2.1

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