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Pets Being Left in the Rain, Owners Feel the Need to Help

Emily Keith and Lina Mezhvinsky | Staff Writers Jillian Denman, Sierra Paine and her dogs have a ball at Stroll for Strays! Pets being left in the hurricane leaves owners and pets dejected, even sadder than the shape the hurricane has left the towns in. Hurricane Harvey and Irma both affected parts of the U.S.A. … Continue reading

Walkathon Raises Record Funds, Unites Houses

Emma Echler and Grace McKay|Staff Writers     The MMS walkathon “Takes it to the House” for the third year in a row. On Sept. 29, students from Mason Middle School came together to raise more than $18,000 for the annual walkathon. Most students agreed that the walkathon was a fun-filled day that included Kona … Continue reading

Thousands of Miles Away: Mason Middle School Contributes to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey Deal with Tragic Aftermath

Urja Mehta and Abigail Renners|Staff Writers   The boy with no place to call home. The mother who cradles her child from the unknown harms. The firefighter who searches for survivors. On Aug.25, MMS students and faculty reached across thousands of miles to help Hurricane Harvey victims by participating in the Hurricane Harvey drive, partnering … Continue reading


Joe Stegman & Grace Aube | Staff Writers Love, hope, and fight against childhood cancer. On Monday, Sept. 25,  Mason Middle School teachers wore white shirts that read “#MayaStrong LOVE HOPE FIGHT” in honor of 14 year old Maya Collins, who is fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a rare type of cancer. The Mason City Council … Continue reading

Students debate merits of public and private high schools

Riley Johansen | Staff Writer Students are educating themselves when it comes to their education. As the end of the school year approaches and Mason Middle School’s eighth graders are deciding where those defining years will take place, some are choosing to migrate from Mason’s public school system to private schools.   Eighth grade counselor … Continue reading

Middle School teachers want to #make language arts great again

Shreya Vemula | Staff Writer Donald Trump isn’t the only one who can make things great again. #MakeLanguageArtsGreatAgain– it’s a hashtag meant to connect with students and invigorate interest in language arts with a humorous front. Started in November, seventh grade Language Arts teacher Joseph Carraher’s #MLAGA has given him a new way to connect … Continue reading

Students use College Credit Plus to get a head start on high school

Lincoln Edsall | Staff Writer As the Mason school district grows, harder work and more challenging class options are available to middle schoolers. This empowers students to expand their knowledge and creativity, but it may also cause them harm. College Credit Plus is a program that enables students in high school, and now in middle … Continue reading

Students shy away from drinking cloudy water

Desiree Downing | Staff Writer Abby Walton | Staff Writer Unclean pipes, dirty spouts, negative judgments. Mason Middle School students are starting to believe that the water is unclean and unsanitary due to the white or cloudy color found in the water fountains. Less and less students are drinking from water fountains, and one of … Continue reading

District set to begin massive renovation project

Andrea Forero | Staff Writer Natasha Jha | Staff Writer Meredith Turner | Staff Writer Summer 2017 will kick off with a district remodel to help the growth of Mason students and to provide flexibility for the coming years. The remodel will begin with the district’s elementary schools, followed by Mason Middle School. Students will … Continue reading

Personalized learning implemented in classrooms

Kiera Doran | Staff Writer  Yamha Sami | Staff Writer Independent. Self-paced. Teacher-free. Personalized learning has become a learning trend at Mason Middle School that was implemented at the beginning of this school year, hoping to give students a more tailored learning experience. with personalized learning, the students would teach themselves, with the teacher being … Continue reading

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