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Meet Sierra Paine

Alena Campbell | Staff Photographer and Andres Diaz-Infante | Staff Writer Mrs. Paine is a seventh grade Language Arts Teacher. She loves dogs and children. An extroverted person who likes to talk to others, Paine likes to teach Language Arts because it involves lots of discussion and learning. “I like teaching because I love kids … Continue reading

City of Mason Celebrates Diversity with Heritage Parade

Kailey Wesseler and Gaby Enriquez 丨Staff Writers   Mason wants to celebrate diversity. The city of Mason hosted the Heritage Parade on Saturday, Sept. 16 at the Mason Municipal Center Campus. The parade was created because Mason wanted to recognize all the different types of heritages this city had. Mason companies  came together in order … Continue reading

Vibrant hair dye becoming new trend among middle schoolers

Nora Binkis | Staff Writer Teenagers are dyeing to fit in. Middle schoolers are now trying to express themselves through their hairstyles and color. Dyed hair could significantly impact a person’s physical appearance, but is unique to a person and can express who they are. Orchestra teacher Kristen Thiel said deciding to dye hair takes … Continue reading

Finstagrams bring honesty to students’ social media

Mariah Norman | Staff Writer An Instagram account made to be fake may be the realest you’ll ever find. In 2010, Kevin Systrom, the creator of Instagram, created a massively diverse platform of over 600 million accounts created for different reasons – including spam accounts. Spams or fake Instagrams (finstagrams) are created to post genuine … Continue reading

Nostalgia from past trends connects teachers and students

Betsy Areddy | Staff Writer Caroline Bishop | Staff Writer This time, we’re going back to the past instead of “Back to the Future.” Crazes from the 1990’s are coming back to Mason Middle School and making a booming statement in classrooms. Students are bringing these trends back in different ways. Converse shoes have become … Continue reading

Makeup used as tool for self expression and creativity

Abby Fulton | Staff Writer Hannah Lohmueller | Staff Writer Powder isn’t the only thing being pressed into a mold. Students at MMS have been feeling the pressure of society’s expectations, resulting in a stronger push to wear makeup. In a 2012 study conducted by the Renfrew Center Foundation, 38 percent of girls start wearing … Continue reading

New Nintendo Switch allows for versatile gaming

Scott Reckers | Staff Writer Braedon Vrooman | Staff Writer Nintendo is proving itself a major player in the game with the release of the Nintendo Switch. The video game giant is revolutionizing the gaming industry with the release of its new console and handheld hybrid, the Nintendo Switch. Available since March 3, the Nintendo … Continue reading

Lowe’s partners with students on fencing project

Rilee Malloy | Staff Writer A fence is not the only thing they are building. The students with special needs are partnering with Lowe’s and eighth grade art teacher John Benham’s classes to make the courtyard a more beautiful place for students to learn and grow. Lowe’s also came in to help with this project. … Continue reading

YouTube “24-Hour Challenge” wreaks havoc among local retailers

Elise Haller | Staff Writer Nora Touassi | Staff Writer Playing video games, watching Netflix, sleeping. This is how most students spend their days off school. But some are spending their days in stores–not shopping, not looking for candy, but hiding in order to stay overnight. The 24-hour YouTube challenge is when people will go … Continue reading

Grade or no grade, teachers see homework as valuable tool

Rebeca Hefferan | Staff Writer Claire Patton | Staff Writer Ungraded homework: To do or not to do? Some students often skip ungraded homework although other students and teachers find it necessary. Seventh grade math teacher Andrea Coppock said she assigns math skills sheets to help with previously learned material. “The common core sheets show … Continue reading

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