DSC_0104Sophia Schulz | Staff Writer

From tiny kindergartners to college-ready seniors, students of all ages gather at the high school to celebrate the one thing they all have in common: Art.

On April 28, the district art show was held at Mason High School. Students of all ages attended, to view the varied pieces of artwork.

Dan McKay, the department chair for the seventh through twelfth art program, said he enjoyed examining each individual’s artwork.

“I love the art show,” McKay said. “I love that you can see the awesome works that a kindergartener makes, next to what maybe a twelfth grader makes, so you can see how our students build their craft.”

Art is extremely beneficial for students and is often a relief in the school day, according to McKay.

“I think, especially when you’re in middle school or high school when you’re taking a lot of academic classes, you’re gonna get stressed and overwhelmed,” Mckay said. “It’s so awesome in the middle of your day to just have an art class to go to and make something and decompress and get some energy again.”

Not every art-loving student had a piece in the art show, seventh grade Taylor Simon acknowledges, but she also believes that doesn’t mean they should stop.

“Just keep trying, because everybody can find their own form of art,” Simon said. “Whether that be drawing, painting, or putting their own stuff together. Even music is art, and people are playing music here, and that’s really cool to me.”

Even for the students not in the art show, McKay encourages attendance of all, if just for viewing of the art.

“I love that everybody gets to see this,” McKay said. “I hope that it lets kids that maybe aren’t in a lot of art classes get excited and want to try at least one.”