Desiree Downing | Staff Writer

Abby Walton | Staff Writer

Unclean pipes, dirty spouts, negative judgments.

Mason Middle School students are starting to believe that the water is unclean and unsanitary due to the white or cloudy color found in the water fountains.

Less and less students are drinking from water fountains, and one of the causes is the white, cloudy water. Seventh grader Nicholas Hawk believes the water has no point being there if no one will drink it.

“I feel like it’s unsanitary,” Hawk said. “Also I feel like nobody really wants to drink the water so it’s kind of a waste. It’s not bad to have, but it’s a waste to have water that nobody’s going to drink.”

Some students believe that the pipes are the problem. Eighth grader Tori Moore said that the cloudy water is due to the uncleanliness of the piping.

“I just think they need to clean out the pipes that leads the water to your mouth because there could be types of bacteria or funguses growing in the pipes leading people to possible illnesses,” Moore said. “I think that they clean them, but I don’t think that they use proper cleaning materials because the rust and mold around them (the water fountains) should not be there if they did.”

 Many people think that the white water residue is due to the water having extra minerals built up in the spout or in the pipes. Seventh grade math teacher Mika Snider said  that the white water is strange.

 “I find it (the white water) interesting and weird and I don’t drink out of the water fountain,” Sinder said. “There are probably just some minerals that are built up in it I’d imagine, though I’m not sure.”

 White water can occur when lots of tiny air bubbles make the water white. However, some students think the white water cannot be due to” too much air in the pipes”. Seventh grader Kylie Corcoran said that she thinks the water cannot be due to air bubbles and that the water fountains are not fully clean.

  “I don’t think that water can have air in the water because that makes no sense,” Corcoran said. “The lakes and oceans have air in them, but they aren’t white. I also think the janitors clean the water fountains just not the spout because it is a hard place to reach.”

  In order to ensure safe drinking water, Mason Middle School anually tests the water, and tests always come back safe for consumption. Head custodian Paul Cunningham said the water isn’t actually cloudy but that some minerals do end up in the pipes.

  “A lot of times there is an actuator in there and it’s really not cloudy water,” Cunningham said. “It’s all tiny little air bubbles. (The water is) very good quality, sometimes the city flushes the fire hydrants which causes the pipes to rattle around and then we get some sediment in there, but it goes away within a day.”