Betsy Areddy | Staff Writer

Caroline Bishop | Staff Writer

This time, we’re going back to the past instead of “Back to the Future.”

Crazes from the 1990’s are coming back to Mason Middle School and making a booming statement in classrooms. Students are bringing these trends back in different ways. Converse shoes have become a fashion statement, and fidget toys are reminiscent of Rubik’s Cubes. The trend resurfaces when students see it around their school again.

Seventh grade language arts teacher Sierra Paine said she witnessed the return of Converse shoes.

“(Converse) started off when my mom was  growing up and they came back when I was in high school,” Paine said. “I was in high school (during the) 2000s and now they’re back again.”

 Seventh grade math teacher Chad Layton said he remembers trends from when he was in middle school.

“Going to middle school dances, we always used to get together and get dressed,” Layton said. “We would put on our Zubaz pants and tight roll them and put on our Eastlands before we (left).”

Seventh grade science teacher Elizabeth Mills said seeing returning fads makes her have memories of when the trend was popular. “

 “It just brings up memories that I’ve had when I participated in that fad,” Mills said. “If I see certain games or the clothing or the types of music that were popular a long time ago, it makes me nostalgic and think back to those memories and it makes me happy.”

 Seventh grader Valerie Allen said she has seen hairstyles from the 1980s in the halls of MMS.

“I see girls wearing super high ponytails every day and I know that they were popular in the 80s,”    Allen said. ”I started to see high ponytails come back around the middle of sixth grade. There are definitely many similarities to 80’s ponytails because they are very high up on your head and you normally poof out your hair around your ponytail which is the same as in the 80’s. The differences I think are that people nowadays don’t wear them to the side as much as they do right on top.”

Eighth grader Vehda Rastogi said that she would pick Converse over regular sneakers any day due to their popularity.

  “I have Converse and I get shoes based on the brand,” Rastogi said. “If there was a normal pair of sneakers v.s. Converse, I would get Converse. Probably (just) because they’re converse.”

  Students have gotten to see forgotten fads of past decades through these returning trends, and have a chance to see the value of them.

  “It’s like a piece of history that’s coming back and being remembered and appreciated once again,” Layton said.