Scott Reckers | Staff Writer

Braedon Vrooman | Staff Writer

Nintendo is proving itself a major player in the game with the release of the Nintendo Switch.

The video game giant is revolutionizing the gaming industry with the release of its new console and handheld hybrid, the Nintendo Switch. Available since March 3, the Nintendo Switch allows gamers to play games wherever and whenever they want.  

What makes the Nintendo Switch Unique is its ability to switch between the different modes: TV mode, handheld mode, and tabletop mode. While on the go, people can play on a screen size of 6.2 inches. In handheld mode, attach the Joy-Con controllers to both sides of the screen. In tabletop mode, simply detach them and flip out a built-in kickstand to play. At home, slide the screen into the included dock to play the system on a TV.

Seventh-grade coding and robotics teacher Martin Fish is an early Switch owner and said that it meshes extremely well with his day to day life.

“It already fits better than any other console I’ve ever owned,” Fish said. “The reason I was excited about it was because it allowed me to play console quality games away from the TV. I don’t always have access to a TV so with my Playstation I couldn’t play the games I wanted to because I wanted to let others use the TV. So this way I get to play the games I’m interested in, away from the TV.”

The main method of control for the Switch comes in the form of the two Joy-Cons. Even though they can fit in the palm of your hand, Nintendo has managed to fit a whole lot of content into them. Both Joy-Cons include accelerometers, gyro sensors, and the new HD rumble feature, which can convey highly realistic feelings such as ice cubes in a glass. Some features are exclusive to either the left or right one. The left includes a screenshot button and the right one includes an IR Camera, the home button and a scanner for Nintendo’s interactive figurines, Amiibo.

Eighth grader Sumner Nelson has been a Nintendo fan for a long time and has high hopes for the console. Nelson said that he is very optimistic about the Switch, especially the first year game lineup.

”The lineup is really strong,” Nelson said. “It’s doing almost as much in this first year as the Wii U (did) in its entire lifetime, with it having a main series Zelda game, the main series 3D Mario game, and Splatoon 2, the new (Intellectual Property). It’s got a bunch of indie games at launch. I know it has Super Bomberman R, Binding of Isaac, and some other ones. 1-2 Switch I’m not too excited about, but I think that it will only be a mini party game for game nights with friends.”  

If gamers want other controlling options, they can pick up a Switch Pro Controller for $69.99, which is essentially a switch controller that has more of a traditional controller feeling.  The Joy-Con grip comes with the console, this is a similar feel to the pro controller but is included. Another difference with this and the pro controller is the Joy-Cons go on and off the grip so this is interchangeable not like the pro controller. The Mario Kart wheel is the last currently available grip. The wheel is simple, it is just a steering-wheel shaped mold that holds a Joy-Con each, pick up two for $15.00

Seventh grader Max Keck, a Nintendo customer said that the console is innovative, but will most likely not provide competition to other consoles, like the Xbox or Playstation.

“I think the console is new and innovative, and people will probably like it,” Keck said. “Some will say it is gimmicky and not like it, but it will be received well overall. I don’t think it will compete directly with (other consoles). It won’t be an Xbox, but it will be a completely new category. While the Xbox is meant for only one kind of play, the Switch is very versatile and can be used in lots of situations. ”