Mariah Norman | Staff Writer

An Instagram account made to be fake may be the realest you’ll ever find.

In 2010, Kevin Systrom, the creator of Instagram, created a massively diverse platform of over 600 million accounts created for different reasons – including spam accounts. Spams or fake Instagrams (finstagrams) are created to post genuine personal content for close friends to enjoy, typically at a higher frequency than a regular account.

Seventh grader Jose Rodriguez said he began being interested in spam accounts once he started noticing other students creating them.

“I’ve followed spam accounts, but I don’t have one,” Rodriguez said. “My friends started making them and it kind of caught on.”

Eighth grader Ashley Hurley said that though they can be a fun way to express yourself, spam accounts often run the risk of irritating followers.

“(It’s) fun for people to share their life more often than they usually post,” Hurley said. “If they post too often or things that no one really cares about (then I unfollow). Like someone posted their ‘food of the day’ and I (unfollowed because) I don’t care what (people are) bringing to lunch.”

 Hurley said that although she enjoys viewing spam accounts, she wouldn’t make one of her own.

“I just don’t think I’d want people to know what I’m doing every second of the day,” Hurley said.

Eighth grader Lauren Statzer said that though some people use their spam accounts to escape drama, it follows wherever they go.

“There’s been a lot of drama,” Statzer said. “If you post something and your friend thinks it’s about them, they’ll text you when it’s not really about them. But then they have hard feelings towards you.”

Statzer said that no matter where you post on social media, there will always be judgement.

“Social media has standards,” Statzer said.

“On your regular account you can’t post (all the time), so a spam account is to express yourself a little bit more. But still, a lot of people think your posts (on the spam) are weird. Maybe there really isn’t a safe place on social media.”