Katie Dorton | Staff Writer

Students everywhere put their earbuds in and listen to the Pulitzer Prize winning musical Hamilton.

Eighth grade social studies teacher Kyle Hamilton incorporates Hamilton songs into his lessons. Hamilton said the musical helps students learn about the American Revolution and more about one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton.

“The musical is a story of Hamilton’s life and it really starts when he came to the American Colonies,” Hamilton said. “It is really cool because it documents on our country, but it is also about his life and his personal downfalls and struggles.”

Hamilton also said that Alexander Hamilton was crucial to the development of country after the Revolutionary War and the other things accomplished by Alexander.

“He was instrumental in getting our economy back on track as a country after the American Revolution and the Articles of Confederation failing,” Hamilton said. “He was really the guy that got our economy back together. He also helped create the first national bank of the United States, which helped secure our economy as well. He did many other things too, before he eventually died.”

Hamilton said students can rely on the musical as a learning tool and recommends that students listen to it.

“It is an alternate method of understanding historical content,” said Hamilton. “Other than just looking at websites or textbooks. It is something that brings history to life. I hope that it becomes very popular. I know of students that like Hamilton, but many of them still haven’t been introduced to it or haven’t given it a chance.”

Eighth Grader Summer Cervantes is a fan of Hamilton and said the musical helps with her learning.

“I listen to (Hamilton) pretty often,” Cervantes said. “(The musical) has taught me more about the wars and people’s opinions back then.”

Cervantes recommended that other students join in and listen to Hamilton as well.

“Students should listen to Hamilton,” Cervantes said. “Because it teaches you history in a way of music, instead of listening to teachers you don’t like that much.”

Eighth grader Finn Closson is a huge fan of Hamilton and talked about the musical from a student perspective. Closson described the musical and how it has helped him learn more about U.S. history and grow a love for the American Revolution along with other history topics.

“The musical is basically about the life of possibly one of the most important founding fathers,” said Closson. “His amazing story of all of his struggles has helped me understand the American Revolution in a new way, because you can learn things that aren’t really taught in class, it really goes into detail and not only (teaches) you about Alexander, but you hear about everyone who built America.”

Closson discussed how people get hooked on Hamilton as its popularity spreads.

“I listen to (Hamilton) everyday because I love the music and the story. I know quite a few fans of the musical,” Closson said. “And I’ve introduced some people to it as well and (then) they come to me to tell me they listened to it and they immediately get hooked to it.”