Karley Broyles | Staff Writer
Rilee Malloy | Staff Writer

People may hate the little red bumps that pop up when they least expect them, but, they never know what their acne could be telling them about their body.

Face mapping or skin analysis is based on the Chinese belief that the outside of your body could be telling you something about what is really happening on the inside.

Dermalogica skin therapists use face mapping to divide the face into 14 areas. Each area is related to a different part of your body.

For example, the forehead can indicate bladder or digestion related problems and the nose and chin can indicate problems with stress, high blood pressure, and poor diet.

Eighth grade health teacher Stephanie Brittingham said that the occasional pimple correlates to hormones, lack of hygiene, and sports.

“I notice (it in) a lot of students who like to play sports where they’re sweating more, especially if it’s a sport in which they wear a helmet,” Brittingham said. “If they have to wear a football helmet, or in softball they have to wear a catcher’s mask, during that season, they tend to break out more, and I think that has to do with oil, and sweat, and dirt.”

Eighth grade student Claire Northcut said her main cause for breakouts is stress and anxiety.

“When I am super stressed, or if I have a lot of anxiety built up from school or musical theater I break out more,” Northcut said. “There is a lot of stress with memorization, whether it’s for songs or lines.”

For severe acne, medication can be a helpful solution. Acne medications reduce oil production, speed up growth of skin cells, fight bacterial infection, and prevent scarring by reducing inflammation. Brittingham said that if acne was concerning to a student, that medication may be a solution.

“If it’s a problem that soap and water, or a good face wash can’t change, then see a dermatologist,” Brittingham said. “Because they’re skin experts, and they have seen the worst cases possible, and they can get people through those. If someone is going to take medication for it, make sure that you do your research on it, and make sure that it’s a safe medication, because some of them can have side effects.”

Brittingham said that kids should not worry about a pimple every once and awhile, but if it is something that is bothering you and something you are concerned about that you should see a dermatologist.

“I would get the occasional pimples from here to there,” Brittingham said. “And when you do have them, you do feel more self conscious. And I would say if somebody is struggling with acne, to not let it stop you from being happy, and being social.”

Northcut also said that she feels kids should not be insecure about their acne.

“Acne isn’t something you should be insecure about because everyone gets it.” Northcut said. “And if you’re insecure about it, don’t be, because everybody’s on the same page. Everyone is dealing with it. It’s not your fault your body is changing.”