Ayesha Chaudhry | Staff Editor

Good bye, backpacks.

This year the school issued a ban on backpacks in the hallway and in classrooms.

Eighth grader Sarah King said the ban conflicts with her schedule and getting to class on time.

“It doesn’t save time because you have to go to your locker in the middle of your transition to your next class,” King said. “That takes up so much time so then a lot of people are late.”

Math teacher Mika Snider said that the absence of backpacks makes it easier to move around the classroom.

“It eliminates all the clutter underneath students’ desks,” Snider said. “Students last year had these huge backpacks that wouldn’t fit under their desks, so they would be out in the middle of the rows as I’m trying to walk around and help students.”

Students barely used their lockers before the ban, Snider said.

“I noticed last year some students would put all their stuff in their bags and not go to their lockers,” Snider said.

Principal Tonya McCall explained the reason for the new policy.

“We have 1800 kids in the hallways,” McCall said. “We now have these big backpacks and they are just like bumper cars, so now it becomes a safety issue.”

Students can strategize other ways to get around efficiently, McCall said.

“Since that’s an individual problem, they could come to us and we could help them map out a more convenient route to get to class on time,” McCall said. “And, of course, be conscious about socializing in the hallways.”

McCall also clarified any extraneous ideas tied to the ban.

“It’s really nothing nefarious, just the idea of space and having the best quality education,” McCall said.“It’s really nothing nefarious, just the idea of space and having the best quality education.”