Della Johnson and Seiya Sachdeva | Staff Writers


Photo by Della Johnson


Beating out over four schools, Mason girls reigned victorious for the two-mile run.

On Saturday, September 10, the Mason Invitational brought multiple schools from all over Ohio to compete in cross country races. The races were two miles long, including features such as hay barrels and very little shade. Putting in all their sweat and tears, Mason girls won first place and a victory for Mason Middle School.

Melanie Folzenlogen, seventh-grade runner for MMS, shared her opinion on the event.

“This event feels like we have to put more work into it and work harder so we can be first,” Folzenlogen said. “I feel like you’re trying to impress more people, so you run faster.”

Some weren’t fazed, though. Maggie Korth, seventh-grade cross country athlete, explained how running in front of that amount of people felt.

“It’s kind of hard to focus on everyone around you,” Korth said. “There are so many people here, [but] I like it when there’s a huge crowd.”

Allison Fleissner, a seventh grader and also a runner, thought that the number of people didn’t matter, only the running itself.

When asked if a larger crowd influenced how she ran, Fleissner answered, “I don’t think so because you aren’t really focusing on it. You’re just running.”

The girls also talked about why they joined cross country.

“What I love about cross country is that you get to form friendships with people you had never met before,” Folzenlogen said. “I joined cross country to be with one of my friends. When the season for track and field comes we’re doing that together too.”



Photo by Seiya Sachdeva