Laalitya Acharya | Staff Editor

In the 2000s, halter tops, mom jeans, combat boots, scrunchies with messy buns and hoop earrings were the biggest fashion don’t. Now they’re starting to become a fashion do.

These two generations were polar opposites in fashion. The 2000s were full of bright colors, while now students are leaning more towards pale neutral tones. The 2000s were full of peace signs, while now students embrace a grungy look.

Some trends, however, are coming back into style, which provides fun opportunities for fashion, according to seventh grader Skye Singleton.

“I am really excited that high buns and combat boots are in,” Singleton said. “It’s really funny to see the style that my mom was in when she was young is coming back again.”

According to Spanish teacher Heidi Morrissey, old-new trends are exciting.

“I think it’s fun when old fashion trends come back,” Morrissey said. “It makes me giggle to see kids doing and wearing things that were popular a long time ago. I’m excited for big hair to come back.”

Morrissey, however, said she wants to make sure that teachers and students focus on school and not just fashion.

“I think that it’s important that our focus be on education and not fashion,” Morrissey said. “We, teachers and students, can be distracted by lots of new and flashy fashion trends such as customized Jordan shoes or the latest Vineyard Vines color.”

Seventh grader Raghav Raj said new times should equal new allowances.

“There are a lot of rules that the middle school that I don’t agree with,” Raj said. “They don’t affect me a lot. But when I talk to my friends who are girls, they really want to wear the new styles which the school won’t allow. Clothes are creativity and the school is kind of stunting the creativity.”

Singleton said she believes that as society changes, so do schools.

“I really want to wear old-new trends but the school doesn’t allow it. I want to fit in with what’s ‘in,’ ” Singleton said “School is where your peers see you, and that kind of determines how people will remember you in high school. I don’t want to be remembered in a bad way. Hopefully the school will change the rules soon; I just want to be able to wear these rising fashion trends.”