Seventh grader goes in search of ghosts and things that go bump in the night for his book

Erika Buhrer Eller | Staff Writer

Who ya gonna call? Seventh grader Evan Ponstingle, of course.

Not only only does this student volunteer to do historical tours at Heritage Village, and present his own performance every Friday, but he has also written his own book about the hauntings that take place in Kings Island, and is currently trying to get it published.

Ponstingle said his obsessions with ghosts started around elementary school.

“In second grade, I was at this bookfair, and they had this book there called Octavius Grimwood’s Graveyard Guide,” Ponstingle said. “I bought it because it looked kind of interesting; they had a page or two I think about ghost stories. I looked through it and I thought ‘Oh, that’s kind of interesting,’ and then somehow I just got into them. I used to go through a lot of weird obsessions when I was a little kid and I think that was one of them, but it stayed.”

Ponstingle has aspired to write a book ever since he witnessed a fellow student do it in third grade. It wasn’t until last year, however, that he really started working toward what he calls his ‘final copy’.

“The idea came up in January of last year,” Ponstingle said. “I started interviewing people in February and March, then I started writing my book, and getting photos at the park, and sort of doing more research, and fine-tuning the details; and I finally finished up what I consider the final copy of it.”

After collecting stories, traveling to different states, researching, and speaking with different ghost experts and a psychic, Ponstingle is sending it in to get published. So far at least one publishing company is considering publishing his book.

Besides just writing a book, Ponstingle also volunteers as a tour guide at Heritage Village, a historical site in Sharon Woods where houses dating back to the 1800’s have been relocated.

“I’ve been working at Heritage Village since 2013,” Ponstingle said. “I hear all the stories. I might have had some things happen to me; I wouldn’t say that they were ghosts, but I would say that I can’t explain them.”

Some of Ponstingle’s other ghostly activities include a show he performs every Friday in his Speak Up Write Now class, called Evan’s Ghostly Greats. In this show, he covers ghost stories, urban legends and hauntings from all over the place, including none other than Heritage Village.