Yamha Sami | Staff Writer

Mason schools hold a lot of fundraisers throughout the year, giving back to many different charities and causes. With all of the different events and donations, some students are curious about where the money really goes and how it is used. Seventh grader Kiera Doran said she is one of these students.

“I want to know where the money goes because I want to make sure that the money that I’m giving is used correctly, and for a good cause,” Doran said.

Doran also said she believes the school should get a small amount of money from the fundraisers to make sure every student has what they need.

“If we had a say in where the fundraiser money goes to, I think that a small portion of the money should go to our school but then a bigger portion goes to charities that need it a little more than we do,” Doran said.

Tonya McCall, the building principal, found out that some kids were feeling this way and said the school does set aside money to help Mason Middle School students in need.

MMS has funds set aside in the building budget to address some of the needs students and their families may have here at MMS,” McCall said. “We try to address those students’ needs in the most sensitive and confidential way as possible.”

McCall then said the money is used for many purposes.

“The walk-a-thon held at the beginning of the school year raised funds to help finance our House System. Part of the money went to the Mason Schools Foundation, who then funded grants to MMS teachers such as the Coding and Robotics Lab,” McCall said. “We will use the money to pay for the activities we sponsor such as The Cone, an organization to come out and lead students through team building activities, a guest speaker, materials for House activities like the Minute-to-Win-It games.”

The school tries to earmark several funds for specific reasons, and not just one.

“Money donated is almost always for Mason Middle School,” McCall said. “We give full disclosure if money is going to places other than Mason Middle School.”