Nandini Likki | Staff Writer

There are some things in life that are tricky to decide, and snow days is one of them.

As 2016 progresses, snow days aren’t happening as much this winter. As of February 19, only one snow day had been implemented, compared to last school year, when some Mason students five whole days of school.

According to principal Tonya McCall, snow days occur out of necessity.

“Obviously, we come to school for a reason, and our education’s really important, so the time we don’t spend in school is time we will have to spend elsewhere,” McCall said. ”You should always be prepared to come everyday and learn and understand that we don’t have snow days for the fun of it,” McCall said.

McCall said that the snow day deciding process depends on different factors.

“The superintendent (Dr. Gail Kist-Kline) will do a variety of things,” McCall said. “She checks the local weather report, which is the first thing,” McCall said. “She also checks surrounding school districts to see what they decide. Most often, she drives the roads and she checks the bus garage to check if the buses are running.”

Seventh grader Sophia Orlando understands that snow days are not a play thing.

“We have a ten snow day (limit) per year, and I think that’s enough,” Orlando said. “It really depends on the weather.”

According to Orlando,  Blizzard Bags are associated with Snow Days. Blizzard Bags  are assignments that students do online via Edline in case of a snow day, Orlando said. Many students dislike the Blizzard Bags, but Orlando said she knows how to improve them.

“I think we should do Blizzard Bags after the snow days are done,” said Orlando.

Though the recent weather isn’t typical for February, there might always be a snow day, McCall said.

“We could have four or five snow days,” McCall said. ”We just don’t know yet.”