Grace Zhang | Staff Editor

The Taste of Mason was indeed as tasty as it sounded.

On February 3, families from many different cultures gathered for dinner in the Mason High School large commons–an annual event known as the Taste of Mason. From folk dancing to drumlines, this event offered many unique performances of different cultures.

Lin Zhang, a Chinese mother of two, was there to watch both her daughters perform a traditional Chinese dance.

“(I hope that) they will learn more culture, traditions, food, and customs from different countries,” Zhang said.

According to Nimish Mojaria, father of a Mason student, United States is a melting pot as well as a mosaic. Immigrants from other countries are transformed to assimilate into American culture.

This unique environment is the key to success in Mason students.

“I think a bit of both (is good) because you can’t just have one or the other,” Mojaria said.  “You want to have both truly together, but at the same time you want some differences so that you can appreciate each other’s’ culture more.”

Learning in a diverse environment helps students grow and learn as they interact with different people with different cultural opinions and lifestyles, Zhang said.

“There are a lot of people whose parents come from different countries,” Zhang said.

Taste of Mason paves way for exposure, Morjaria said.

“It opens up their minds to different viewpoints as opposed to having just one.”

According to Morjaria, the Taste of Mason 2016 was a huge success in terms of culture, performances, and food.

“It opens up (the people’s) minds to different cultures and it all comes together to build a much better picture on what’s going on in the world,” Morjaria said.