Erika Buhrer Eller | Staff Writer


Seventh grader Kaitlyn Frazier uses Google Cardboard. Photo by Erika Buhrer Eller.

Virtual reality in a cardboard box?

Representatives from Google visited Mason MIddle School and presented a new 360 degree virtual reality experience: Google Cardboard. According to google’s website, this product was designed to give accessible virtual reality to the populace. All you need is an app, some cardboard, and some instructions. Once you place your phone in the cardboard box, you hold the device up to your eyes, and a motion-sensitive 360 degree panorama is loaded around you. Turning in all directions the image moves with you, so you can see what it would have looked like if you were actually there.

Jacob is one of the representatives from google who visited our school.

“It’s real simple technology,” Jacob said. “We load all of the 360 panoramas onto a tablet. The tablet sends the images through the router which sends it to all the cellphones which are in our view masters.”

Seventh grader Kaitlyn Frazier was impressed with the technology.

“I used the google cardboard to see places face to face instead of them being described in a textbook.” Frazier said. “My favorite part was how real it looked and it was like I was really there.”

You can also experience this technology outside of school.

“The actual cardboard boxes you can buy online,” Jacob said. “You will need to provide your own phone, and download the app. They’re not educational like they were in the school, but it’ll be something cool like haunted houses, roller coasters, dinosaurs, all types of other games.”

According to Frazier, it would be cool to have everyone experience Google cardboard. “My first reaction was shock because everything looked so real and cool! I recommend every student to be able to experience the google cardboard it was an amazing experience.”