Kaelyn Rodrigues | Staff Writer

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Photo by Kaelyn Rodrigues

Hoverboards are the hottest new gadget this holiday season. Literally. After their popularity, these devices were shown in the news exploding or catching fire in people’s homes. As a result, Amazon is giving a full refund to those who have purchased hoverboards through their website.

According to National Public Radio, the reason behind the exploding hoverboards is because they are made with minimal cost lithium-ion batteries, so that they are more affordable. Lithium-ion batteries are the source of power in many laptops, cell phones, and even Boeing-747 airplanes. But hoverboards are more prone to defects, since some of them are made with low quality batteries.

Eighth grader Haleigh Eckert said the hoverboards aren’t very durable.

“My brother has a hoverboard too, and although mine hasn’t done anything weird, his has,” Eckert said. “He is currently on his third hoverboard because of either a loose piece or turning difficulties. We were luckily able to return them and get new ones for no extra cost.”

According to USA Today, hoverboards have been banned by major airlines in the US, including Alaska, Delta, and Southwest Airlines. But, not all hoverboards cause accidents, as long as you are careful with the product.

“If you don’t charge them overnight and purchase a good, legit brand, the hoverboards will not blow up,” Eckert said. “I thought it would take forever to be able to ride it based on all of the videos I had previously seen of other people. Once I tried it, it only took me about five to 10 minutes.”