Katie Maier | Staff Writer

Mason Middle School has creativity oozing from every corner of the auditorium.

Drama Club has reemerged: around one hundred eager students from both grades seven and eight have joined the club to express creativity through set design, lighting, costume design, make-up, dancing, vocals and acting.

Actress Anna Kinasewitz, a seventh grader who has been acting in plays for three and a half years, said her love for acting has been with her throughout her life.

“I always had an interest in acting at a young age and I always like to perform and be in the spotlight,” Kinasewitz said. “I was talking to Mrs. Wallum (one of the Drama Club supervisors) in Speak Up, Write Now—she was our sub—and I went up to her and (said): ‘We need a Drama Club advisor and you were talking about how much experience you have and you’re such an amazing person, and I just think that this would be amazing.’ Then she came and it was really cool how everything came together.”

Seventh grader Isabella Lisa has been acting for nine years, said she was excited to find out there was a Drama Club this year. Drama club hadn’t been a club at Mason Middle School for the past few years, leaving Lisa and students questioning if there would be a Drama Club this year for a change.

“I was so excited,” Lisa said. “I knew they hadn’t had one the past year and I was nervous they wouldn’t have one this year either. When I heard about it, I nearly killed my sister with my screams of joy.”

Seventh grader Joseph Habra, who has been acting ever since he was three, said he finds acting a way to be your greatest self. Habra said he believes students can invent to show off their creativity by breaking out of their shell.

“When you’re around certain people, you have to put on certain masks,” Habra said. “And going to Drama Club allows you to take off all the masks and be yourself.”

Drama Club students will perform in their next production in April, the “Spring Fling”.