Laalitya Acharya | Staff Editor

“And the periodic table of elements has…….” Huh? A girl wakes up with a jerk when the bell rings realising that she missed all of today’s lesson. This is normal for many students in Mason Middle School.

When 132 random students took an anonymous survey, 88.1 percent said that they believed that getting more sleep would positively affect them.

According to the article Students Aren’t, “Chronic sleep loss contributes to higher rates of depression, suicidal ideation, and obesity.”

According to another article Poor Sleep, “Insufficient sleep can cause tiredness, slowness of the mind, and quickly changing emotions.” That’s why when you wake up one moment you’re angry and the next you feel like crying.

But how does this affect us? Well, Mason Middle School starts at 7:10, and students have to be ready to go by that bell.

But the Middle School wasn’t always so early, according to principal Tonya McCall, the starting times were a bit later than what they currently are when she started teaching.

“When I first started in Mason, we started school at 7:30 a.m.”  McCall said “Overall the grades students have achieved have been relatively unchanged.”

However, students disagree, Abdullah Qureshi said that his hardest classes are in the morning.

“Yes (my grades have been affected), because when I’m tired it’s hard to pay attention,” Qureshi said.

Student Diya Joshi said she hopes for a later school time.

“Pushing back school would be amazing,” Joshi said. “It would help me so much. Having later classes can increase focus and grades. It doesn’t matter if I get home later, it’s all worth it when you get to sleep. Sleeping enough is also a key step to being healthy. Basically, I completely agree with later schooling.”