Abby Miller | Staff Writer

A seventh grade girl wrestles with the stereotype of wrestling being an only male sport. Seventh grader Sierra Christian is the only girl on the middle school wrestling team.  However, according to Christian, the boys don’t treat her any different.

“They treat me like a guy, basically,” Christian said. “They’re not scared to pin me, or to do any sort of move on me.  Basically, just another guy.”

Head coach Darrell Boreing agrees that she is treated just like anybody else and Boreing said that’s how it should be.

“She has to weigh herself everyday like everyone does,” Boreing said.  “So, we bring the scale out of the boys locker room, upstairs for her to use it.  She wrestles with everybody.”

Eighth grade wrestler Dante Ditullio said that having a girl on the team doesn’t phase him or anybody.

“You don’t usually see girls in wrestling, but it doesn’t really matter,”  Ditullio said. “We treat her like regular.”

According to Boering, Christian is very committed.

“(When I found out) I thought she must be pretty tough,” Boreing said. “She’s just different than most other girls because most girls don’t do wrestling.  And so, she must really like it, and want to do it.”

Everyone treats her fairly, but there are some minor difficulties, according to Christian.

“Sometimes, it’s hard (to fit in),”  Christian said. “It just depends on how you interact with them.”

Although she hasn’t wrestled prior this year, Christian said she has been dedicated to the program.

“I started this year at the beginning of the season,”  Christian said.  “I went to conditioning and then I started.”

According to Boreing,  nothing is gettting in her way from being successful.

“She will be eligible to wrestle in every meet,”  Boreing said. “Nothing will stop her, rule wise or procedure wise, from getting the chance to wrestle like any boy.”