Nandini Likki | Staff Writer

Eighth grader Sruthi Parthasarathi is a stand-out in MathCounts, a math related club that competes with other schools in competitions. Parthasarathi has been on the team since she was in sixth grade and takes math classes in the high school.

Parthasarathi got fourth place at state in MathCounts, and represented the team at nationals, all last year.  She is hoping for another win at the MathCounts tournament this year.

“We’ve been getting first place at our school for three years in a row, and we’re trying to keep that up this year,” Parasarathi said.

Parasarthi said MathCounts has multiple rounds.

“MathCounts competition has two written rounds and a team round,” Parthasarathi said. “Then using that they take the top amount sum of individuals and have a countdown round, which is like one on one. We go up on a stage and it’s timed and we have a buzzer, and that’s more of a tournament bracket.”

According to Parthasarathi, she has always had a passion for math.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I guess that (math) was the subject that my parents taught me a lot,” Parthasarathi said. “I’ve grown to like it.“

According to Parthasarathi’s coach and former teacher, Sallie Carney, she is a wonderful student.

“She’s  amazing,” Carney said. “I mean, everything about her is amazing. She’s amazing in math, she works really hard. I know I can count on her to be able to do great work, and to explain her work.”