Jack Carey | Staff Editor

Have you ever wondered just why people date in middle school?

According to seventh grader Samuel McKee, dating in the Middle School focuses more on the popularity than the actual relationship.

“(Dating) is mostly just bragging rights,” McKee said. “It didn’t matter very much and wouldn’t be permanent, with most lasting only one semester. It makes people believe you are more popular than you actually are, and it gives you some self confidence.”

Though boys and girls date for different reasons, dating still tears apart friendships, McKee said.

“Relationships are time consuming and take away time for spending with friends,” McKee said. “We (my friend and I) hung out less and he seemed to always have something ‘better’ things to do than hang out with his friends.”

Eighth grader Rachel Vento said she had a similar experience after her friend started dating.

“Once she began to date she just kind of stopped hanging out with us and just started choosing her boyfriend over us,” Vento said. “There were times where we would have plans and then she would cancel at the last minute just to spend a little bit of time with her boyfriend.”

Vento said this may be because middle schoolers are not ready to enter the dating world.

“Well, we have to piggyback on our parents for rides and with dating tearing apart friendships that we’ve cherished for such a long time,” Vento said. “I just don’t think we are ready to date yet.”