Kaelyn Rodrigues | Staff Writer

Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. Vine. Social media is used every day, but just how safe is it?

81 percent of teens who have internet access use social media. According to bullyingstatistics.org, more than one in three adolescents and teens have been cyberbullied.

At Mason Middle School, students are required to use the internet. Edline is used to check grades, some teachers use Google Classroom to keep track of assignments or Google Drive to store online worksheets. Social media is similar to Google Classroom, or even more similar to an educational website called Edmodo, except it’s for personal use.

Social media users can create or share content, like photos, videos, or messages, with their devices. This content can be shared with the user’s online friends. Different applications and websites have different content that can be shared in different ways.

Seventh grader and social media user Annika Surya said that social media is appropriate for middle schoolers.

“I think that it is appropriate because it helps people interact with one another,” Surya said. “It’s a really good way to interact with and contact people.”

A study at George Middle School in Portland, Oregon showed that after introducing a social media program to their students, they saw a 50 percent increase in grades. This social media program introduced websites such as Edmodo, a social media site made for students and teachers, where students can create videos, post on blogs, and build websites. Social media can also help to spread news quickly.

Eighth Grader Anant Ramji, however, said he doesn’t think that certain middle schoolers can handle the potential of social media.

“Certain middle schoolers could have a tendency to use it inappropriately, or abuse the social media site,” Ramji said.